HSE Policy

Chemistry has a vital part to play when it comes to the products and services that help to make our world healthier, safer and better. Through our ongoing safety initiatives, Tricore is committed to continuously improving our health, safety, security and environmental performance by strictly adhering to our responsible HSE guiding principles:

HSE Principles


Keeping our most valuable asset, our employees, safe as they work at our sites with our products is a top priority. Tricore is also committed to protecting contractors and visitors at our sites. For this reason, safety is at the forefront as we design our processes. There is a dedicated team of EHS&S professionals, regulatory specialists, product experts, chemists and engineers to help us to accomplish this.

Safety – Core Components

Training is a fundamental component of our safety program at Tricore. Every new employee completes an extensive new joiner orientation, alongside role specific safety training. On a monthly basis, our team members take part in mandatory safety training that covers all aspects of our business. Safety Moments, which are quick five-minute safety talks, are undertaken at the start of meetings that have four or more attendees. These Safety Moments cover an array of topics that include both on and off the job safety.

In our safety program, training topics covering off the job safety are also integrated. Annually, we hold a Safety Calendar Contest to encourage Tricore employees to engage with the younger family members in their life in order to bring the discussion on safety to the forefront of their minds. The children love to see their photographs in the calendar! We also actively encourage a healthy lifestyle through our active wellness program, and the family members of our employees are encouraged to participate in wellness challenges.

Tricore is a dynamic and growing company. Whether contractors that are either serving long-term functions or engaged in short term projects, our sites often have visitors that include clients, potential vendors and members of the community. Their safety is of the greatest importance to us. Each of our locations has a visitor and contractor orientation program that has to be completed prior to arriving, and thereafter on an annual basis – this ensures that the awareness of critical safety information and local procedures are known and adhered to, minimizing the potential of safety incidents. The performance of a contractor in our safety program is stringently evaluated before they are allowed to work at one of our sites. This is part of our commitment to creating a work environment and community that is safe to operate in.

We provide feedback to our employees on their health and safety performance. Metrics that measure both leading and lagging employees and contractors are maintained to identify trends, set targets and measure performance.

We publish and update to our business and employees on a monthly basis our EHS&S metrics.


There are numerous health, safety and environmental requirements worldwide. Plants are subject to safety rules and emission limits with operating requirements that may be embodied in sources such as statutes, regulations, laws and permits. It is Tricore’s intent to comply with both the letter and the spirit of these statutes, regulations, laws and permit requirements. Any compliance issues that are identifed are treated seriously, and all noncompliance matters are resolved as expeditiously as possible.