Research and Development

Tricore has a strong, highly qualified technical team with over two decades of experience in its R&D department, enabling us to come up with innovative solutions and to develop customized CABS to meet our clients specifications.

Quality Control Center

To ensure that our stringent quality objectives are always achieved, Tricore has established complete specifications for starting and packaging of materials, as well as finished products. All necessary and relevant tests are strictly carried out in accordance with our continuously improved quality control procedures we have developed – thus ensuring that no materials, unless judged to be of satisfactory quality, are used in production, released for use, released for sale or supply.

Clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) are implemented with the objective of manufacturing products conforming to the marketing authorization and are of the requisite quality grade.

The department applies all Quality Control (Q.C) tests according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions in order to manufacture products of the high quality and conforming to marketing requirements. Additionally, the company only applies the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) conditions in its laboratories.  

The details are as follows:

  1. Inspection on components analysis, physical and chemical properties, as well as the active.
    ingredient, impurities qualitative and quantitative analysis etc.
  2. Development for pesticide technology and analytical method.
  3. Preparation and identification for samples of finished products or impurity standard.
  4. In its pursue to achieve the company targets, Tricore emphasizes on technical development in all sectors of production.
  5. Technical development of the products range is portrayed by introducing new products and / or new formulations.